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Seeking Trails

Seeking Stories

Seeking Truth

Nourishing the creative soul through community, nature, and the meditative act of walking.

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Nothing compares to the rosy alpenglow on a granite  mountain face, or turning a bend into a field of wildflowers, or crafting that one perfect sentence.


Being outdoors nourishes our creative essence, it feeds our souls. Whatever trails you find yourself on, we’re here to help you connect—with writing, with nature, with yourself. 


Whether it’s wandering the countryside of Ireland and writing memoir, or trekking through the backcountry of Colorado and writing poetry, you’ll quench your thirst for excellent stories and grand adventures.

Our Guiding Principles



We are open to new places, new people, and new ideas. We believe that being open is the path toward inspiration.



Nature is us. We are nature. Paying attention to its ebbs and flows, its seasons and its beauty, is healing. So is having a relationship with the wild.



None of us can do it alone. And the more the merrier. Creators, activists, adventurous souls. All are welcome. Let’s create together.

About The Wandering Writer

Maybe you feel a yearning to spend sunrise on an empty trail before pulling out your notebook at an alpine lake. Maybe you want to build a community of like-minded, creative friends to support and inspire you. Maybe you're seeking refuge from your day-to-day routine. Welcome, we're so glad you found us.  We’re here to help nourish your soul with towering evergreens and lots and lots of writing.


Stephanie Vessely

Writer, yogi, wanderer. Sharing experiences with other creative individuals is what brings her back to the page.

Kateri Kramer

Writer, illustrator, teacher. Experiences in the mountains, particularly the alpine, are what fuel her creativity the most. 



We seek stories. We seek landscapes. We seek community. We seek truth.


We believe that we can nourish our writing selves, our creative selves, by wandering through the wild.



We believe that carving out time and space for creativity is important to find who we are as writers and artists.

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Seek Adventur
Seek Stories

We know what it’s like to show up at a writing retreat only to learn you can’t seem to get anything on the page. You’re watching your fellow writers tap furiously at their keyboards while you struggle for a few sentences. We believe that being out in nature, on a dirt trail, dipping your toes in a mountain stream, or seeing the wind blow the tall grasses across the countryside is the food you need to feed your creativity.

The crunch of red rock beneath your boots, ancient sandstone dust between the pages of your notebook —that’s what’s going to inspire you to write word after word after word. Just like our physical bodies must be nourished with food and water and air, so too must our creative souls be nourished with sweeping landscapes, new friends and even some writing guidance. Through embarking on a wandering retreat with us, you will see your writing in a new light. You will climb mountains. You will write countless pages. And you’ll get to see where new landscapes will take your writing. 

Are you ready to wander with us?

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