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Hear your pen scratch new words on a clean page.

Feel the dirt crunch beneath your feet.

Explore your words.

Step into your writing.

Make creative magic.

Not someday. Today.

Not alone. Together.

About Write and Ramble (On)

If you’re ready to step back into your writing practice, take it to the next level, find your voice, and get your trail legs, Write and Ramble (On) is designed to guide you through that process. 

Oh, and did we mention it's FREE? Seriously, no strings attached. 

Trail Legs

(n.) On long-distance and thru-hikes, getting your “trail legs” is one of the first big accomplishments for any hiker. It’s when your legs find their home on the trail, muscle memory kicks in, and they start to feel like they’re where they belong.

What is Write and Ramble (On)?


It's a free, live, 5-week generative writing workshop and community devoted to helping you find your voice and tap into the healing, inspiring, generative power of nature.

Over the course of our time together, you'll create a writing practice that supports your creative goals and develop a reverence for the outdoors that will guide and support your creativity.


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Your creative soul will be nourished and fed, and you'll be ready to write something new and explore a new trail at any time.


Along the way, you’ll have a community to summit the figurative (and literal) mountains with, and we’ll all dig for writing gold and let creativity flourish. That’s the Write and Ramble (On) way.

The Intention

It’s no secret that writing can be an isolating, lonely process. We all come to a point on the path when self-doubt, second-guessing, and comparison creeps in. We’ve been there too (and honestly, we still feel it!). Finding your voice, unearthing that story that you MUST tell is a process. 


If there’s one thing we’ve learned along our own creative paths it’s this:



Who is Write and Ramble (On) for?

Wherever you are on your creative journey, we want you on the trail with us.

The Day Hiker

There’s a story inside you that you can’t wait to tell—but you keep putting it off because it feels overwhelming, or you don’t know where to begin. Fear and self-doubt have kept you from summiting your creative mountain. With the support and accountability of The Wandering Writer community, you’re ready to pull on those hiking boots and take the leap.

The Alpinist

You know you’re a writer but you haven’t quite gotten to the point where you feel comfortable expressing your unique voice. Maybe you even have multiple stories you’re itching to tell. You want to connect to your creative soul more deeply and you want support in summiting your creative mountain.

The Thru Hiker

You have the skills and the confidence to write the book, or maybe you've already written one or two. But you know there’s something you’re not tapping into. You are ready to reach new creative summits in your writing and want a supportive community who will make the climb with you.

What's Inside the Free Course?

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Plant Shadow

Write and Ramble (On) was inspired by our own writing journeys and the role spending time in wild places has played on our writing (and our lives). Each of the 5 weeks combines writing exercises and lessons with outdoor challenges that will help you to unlock your unique voice.

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A Closer Look

Finding your voice can be one of the most daunting parts of being a writer. In the free, 5-week Write and Ramble (On) course, we’ll be using a trail map to lead the way to your creative summit. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Before you set off

One week before class begins you’ll receive readings about the relationship between being outdoors and being creative, readings about how to cultivate a creative practice, information about our community, a special welcome, and a questionnaire/free write to help you get in touch with your creative spirit before class begins.

Part One


On most summit hikes, there’s a section where hikers need to hike through the trees before they can get to the alpine. It can often be frustrating because you can’t see the mountain and it feels overwhelming. But, with a change of perspective, this can also be a really special part of a summit. It gives the hiker the opportunity to reflect on the journey ahead, to help their body adjust to the temperature, the air, and the new environment they find themselves in.

Week One

This week will be about seeking. You’ll start to look more closely and deeply at writing, creativity, and the experience of being in the wilderness/outdoors. You’ll start to get in touch with your muse.

Week Two

This week will be about nourishing your creative, adventurous soul. We will begin to focus on nurturing a creative lifestyle that will allow for space to reach your goals and find your vice.

Part two


Seeing the vast openness of the alpine is our favorite part of a summit hike. You are finally able to see the summit from where you stand and everything feels very adventurous and exciting. It can be the most rewarding part of a hike because winding through the alpine and gaining the ridge of a mountain is often the most physically demanding. It is here that we really find our trail-legs, and see what we’re made of.

Week Three

This week is all about pushing yourself creatively and in the outdoors. You’ll be going on an adventure and hopefully, breakthrough the trees. You’ll start to hear your voice coming through and you’ll really get in touch with what inspires you.

Week Four

This week we will get in touch with the relationship between our creativity and our relationship with the outdoors, and see how one affects the other. It's about symbiosis, and mining for creative treasure. We’ll start to uncover the gold nuggets that are hiding and reveal new ways to tell your stories.

Part Three


 You’ve trekked through the thick trees and made it up the hardest part of the mountain. You’re on the summit with gorgeous, sprawling, wild landscape miles below you, munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, feeling oh-so accomplished. You’ve written so much, spent more time outdoors, cultivated a creative and outdoor practice, and met like-minded individuals. Now, let’s keep it going.

Week Five

So what now? This week we’ll talk about dedication and community. We’ll talk with an author who has created a phenomenal community to support his creativity, and we’ll talk about how to keep going when class is over. We’re still tapping into our muse, hitting the trail, hiking the miles, and writing word after word after word after word.

Closing the Journey

Write and Ramble (On) submissions will open through Submittable, so we can share some of the beautiful writing you wrote on The Wandering Writer blog. 

Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

This isn't your average online course:

We’ve got to admit something. Between Stephanie and Kateri we’ve taken LOADS of online writing classes, and on the rare occasion that we finished them, we were left disappointed, thinking “was that really it?”


That’s precisely the reason that we’ve designed this course differently—with you and your creative journey in mind. We’ve been in your hiking boots before. So we compiled our experience to provide you with a class that will support you in your writing goals and ultimately support a creative lifestyle where you always know how to tap into inspiration and nourish your spirit.

What you can expect to be different:

We’ll keep it real. We know how hard it is to have a personal life, a career, and maintain a productive and fulfilling creative practice. During Write and Ramble (On) you won’t find any highly scripted emails—everything is coming directly from our heart to yours. This course is designed to work WITH creativity, to foster and nourish it, not work against it.

We’re here and we’re available. Over the 5 weeks, we’ll be here for you whether you’re having a bad writing day or you’re finding it really hard to hit the trail on an early morning. You’ll have access to us so that we can support you on this journey.

We’re taking the hike with you. Yep, you heard that right. We’ll be embarking on the creative journey too—writing the words and walking the miles. We’ll be in the trenches with you, feeling the feelings, uncovering and unearthing, and tackling our inner critics right alongside you.



To register for the free Write and Ramble (on) course, please fill out the information below.

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